The first single taken from the second installment ‘Part 2: Present Tense’ of our three-part concept album is also the title track and will be released on August 23rd via Krod Records.

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With ‘Present Tense’, we decided to break free from routine and write a song that is straightforward yet intimate. No roaring guitars, no heavy dynamics but the vocals and the message at the centre of the song as Mike explains:

“The title track ‘Present Tense’ is about consciously dealing with my feelings. I appeal to myself to break free from old patterns of repression and to allow the Now, even if the feelings can be painful. I tend to put my painful memories in a box and lock them away. I do not want that anymore. I want to be mindful and feel my own self. Only if I manage to do so in the moment, I know that I am alive.”

Artwork: Simon Büchler

Love, Cold Reading