Upcoming Shows


Past Shows


January 24th – 1st show at Treibhaus, Lucerne
January 31st – Rockbunker, Bremgarten w/ The Deadnotes

February 7th – Gaswerk, Winterthur

March 7th – Treibhaus, Lucerne w/ Brightr

April 24th – Sedel, Lucerne

May 3rd – Sedel, Lucerne
May 21st – KTS, Freiburg (GER) w/ Muncie Girls, Woahnows
May 22nd – Kofmehl, Solothurn

July 4th – Sedel, Lucerne w/ Prawn, Hindsights, Brightr
July 15th – Tiki Bar, Athens (GRC)
July 18th – Syros (GRC)
July 23rd – Volos (GRC)

August 22nd – Dynamo, Zurich w/ The Get Up Kids

September 2nd – Himmelrich, Lucerne
September 12th – Takeover Fest, Zug
September 25th – Ebrietas, Zurich

November 18th – Cow Club, Solingen (GER) w/ Such Gold
November 19th – Augsburg, Ballonfabrik (GER) w/ Such Gold
November 20th – Berchtesgaden, Kuckucksnest (GER) w/ Such Gold
November 21st – Freiburg, Arktik (GER) w/ Such Gold, Muncie Girls
November 22nd – Treibhaus, Lucerne (album release show) w/ Such Gold, Muncie Girls
November 27th – Treppenhaus, Rorschach w/ The Deadnotes


February 6th – Kiff, Aarau w/ Mutiny On The Bounty
February 12th – Grabenhalle, St. Gallen w/ Idle Class

March 16th – The Bruch Brothers, Lucerne

April 15th – Schüür, Lucerne
April 16th – Rockbunker, Bremgarten
April 21st – Treibhaus, Lucerne w/ The Hotelier

May 14th – Dynamo, Zurich w/ Blackout Problems
May 27th – Rock n Roll Bar, Ludwigsburg (GER)
May 28th – B58 Fest, Braunschweig (GER) w/ Blackout Problems, Fjort, Empty Handed

July 29th – Stray Fest, Simbach Am Inn (GER) w/ Such Gold, Slander

August 4th – Königskeller, Germersheim (GER w/ The Deadnotes
August 6th – Brakrock Ecofest, Duffel (BEL) w/ The Flatliners, A Wilhelm Scream
August 7th – The Harp Restrung, Folkestone (UK) w/ Drawstring, Middle Distance
August 8th – The Anvil, Bournemouth (UK) w/ The Deadnotes
August 9th – The Hope & Ruin, Brighton (UK) w/ The Deadnotes
August 10th – The Stag & Hounds, Bristol (UK) w/ Noyo Mathis
August 11th – New Cross Inn, London (UK) w/ The Deadnotes
August 12th – Le Pub, Newport (WAL) w/ The Deadnotes
August 13th – Studio Bar, Penzance (UK) w/ The Deadnotes

September 17th – Schüür, Lucerne
September 27th – The Bruch Brothers, Lucerne

October 5th – Culture Container, Berlin (GER) w/ Little You Little Me
October 7th – Slow Club, Freiburg (GER) w/ Little You Little Me
October 8th – Limes, Cologne (GER) w/ Little You Little Me
October 9th – Baracke, Münster (GER) w/ Little You Little Me

December 16th – Café V, Vevey


February 22nd – Baracke, Münster (GER) w/ Mountains To Move
February 23rd – Antwerp Music City, Antwerp (BEL) w/ Mountains To Move
February 25th – House Show, Gent (BEL) w/ Mountains To Move

March 11th – Treibhaus, Lucerne w/ Invoker
March 22nd – Sedel, Lucerne w/ Tim Kasher (of Cursive, The Good Life)

April 15th – Zwischenbühne, Horw w/ A River Crossing

May 20th – MARK, Salzburg (AUT) w/ Backwards Charm (Backwards Charm EP Release Show)

June 9th – Schüür, Lucerne (Mitternachtskonzert)
June 17th – Dynamo Werk 21, Zurich w/ Four Year Strong
June 30th – Sedel, Lucerne (Proberaumfestival)

August 19th – Salle Bellevaux, Lausanne w/ Abraham
August 29th – Dynamo, Zürich w/ Delta Sleep

September 9th – Kunsthaus Nexus, Saalfelden am Steinernen Meer (AUT) w/ Backwards Charm
September 22nd – Jazzkantine, Lucerne (EP release show) w/ A River Crossing, Backwards Charm

October 6th – White Rabbit, Freiburg (GER) w/ Lirr, Forkupines
October 7th – Limes, Cologne (GER) w/ December Youth
October 8th – Waldmeister, Solingen (GER) w/ Rd Sptnk
October 11th – Baracke, Münster (GER) w/ Thrill, Watching Tides
October 12th – Rad Room, Iserlohn (GER) w/ Earl Grey, Elm Tree Circle, Bright Lights
October 14th – What’s My Age Again Festival, Hansa 39, Munich (GER) w/ Sandlot Kids, Cadet Carter

December 8th – Gaskessel, Berne (release show Them Fleurs) w/ Them Fleurs


January 27th – Treibhaus, Lucerne (release show twoonacouch) w/ twoonacouch, Danny McClelland

March 3rd – Schüür, Lucerne (release show Guns Love Stories) w/ Guns Love Stories, Bright Lights
March 16th – Grabenhalle, St. Gallen (Sing & Play Festival) w/ Ducking Punches, The Giving, Declined


April 12th – Salzhaus, Winterthur
April 13th – Konzerthaus Schüür, Luzern
April 20th – Treppenhaus, Rorschach
April 25th – Salzhaus, Winterthur w/ Madsen
May 2nd – Konzerthaus Schüür, Luzern w/ Madsen